20 Best CBD Pet Treats To Try In 2021

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Having a pet means a lot of fun, love, and care. They are as important in the family as any other member. Thus, catering to all their needs is your responsibility. 

Adding a lot on your part, pet stress and anxiety have become an alarming issue. Under these conditions, your pet may experience excessive fear or emotional fatigue that might lead to extremely inappropriate behavior characterized by barking unnecessarily, tearing things, and hurting others. 

Situations like these may result in property damage and countless cuts and bruises followed by a lot of embarrassment at times.But that isn’t the end of the world. There are several ways to treat pet anxiety and stress. Out of those, using CBD products is the most reliable and effective way out. These products ensure quick and lasting results with long-term health benefits. 

With so many options available in the market, finding the best CBD product for your pet might be a little daunting. To help you out with that, here we have a detailed guide on the 20 best pet treats to try in 2021.

1. JustCBDJustPets Chicken Cat Treats

JustCBD is a one-stop solution for all your pet needs. The brand has been dedicated to making life calmer and peaceful for these furry family members, ensuring unforgettable family moments. For its amazing work in the industry, the brand has gained considerable recognition worldwide. It has been featured in various journals and magazines, including Las Vegas Magazine, Brian Mac, and Westchester Magazine.

Its chicken-flavored cat treats are one of its top-selling pet products. These treats are composed of high-quality CBD to ensure the most effective results within 30 minutes. By results, we mean relieving stress, anxiety, fear, and inflammation. 

Feed your cats these tiny bites whenever needed. Giving these in the morning can keep them calm, friendly, and active throughout the day while a short treat at night can enhance sleep quality. 

2. Lazarus Naturals Salmon Calm + Mobility Dog Treats 

Keep your dog happy and active with Salmon Calm and Mobility Dog Treats by Lazarus Naturals. The brand is another highly reliable CBD brand with a range of highly sought-after products. 

These treats are made up of curcuminoids, organic pumpkin, Omega-3 fatty acids, and green-lipped mussels. Featuring a 100% organic composition, they are an excellent way to keep your dog calm and healthy. 1-2 of these treats in the morning can keep your dog away from stress, anxiety, inflammation, and joint pain throughout the day. They are even helpful against arthritis.   

Their salmon flavor will definitely make things easier for you as your dog will start to get excited for its treats, instead of giving it up like any other medicine. 

3. Charlotte’s Web Full Spectrum Calming Chews

If going to the vet terrifies your pet to the point it starts throwing uncontrollable tantrums, Charlotte’s Web is here to help. The brand knows how sensitive some pets are and what kind of troubles they can get you into. To help you out at times like that the brand has come up with an effective formula directed specifically at calming your pet down whenever needed. 

It combines the power of pure CBD, valerian root, chamomile, and passionflower to ensure instant calmness and relaxation that lasts a long time. It significantly improves the pet’s mental health to attain an emotional balance and boost its mood. Flavored in chicken, your pet will surely love these.  

4. CBDMD Baked Cheese Dog Treats

If your pet is picky about its food, give it an enjoyable way to get healthy. CbdMD is among the top pet product brands that consider even the smallest aspects to offer maximum ease and satisfaction. 

Its baked cheese CBD treats are most pets’ favorite. Made with organic ingredients, including USA-grown CBD, these treats are an excellent stress reliever for pets. They are also quite effective against inflammation and sleep issues. Flavor choices are another amazing feature. If not baked cheese, try peanut butter or sweet potato. 

5. Neurogan, INC, Full Spectrum – Dog Treats

Your pet’s physical and mental well-being is as important as yours. Neurogan being a prominent advocate of this fact has come up with a completely organic and safe formula to boost animal health and performance. Its full-spectrum dog chews are made with premium quality CBD, coconut oil, and peanut butter to ensure the fastest and longest-lasting relaxation and calmness in your pet.

With 10mg CBD per chew, 2 of these at any time of the day effectively kick away all the stress and anxiety regardless of its cause. This also boosts mental peace, friendliness, activeness, and sleep quality. You’ll also notice a considerable reduction in inflammation. The peanut butter flavor will surely hook your dog, saving you the struggle in feeding it. 

6. OG labs General Meows Mix Cat Treats

OG Labs is among the most dedicated CBD brands working day and night to improve the quality of life for its people and furry community members. This pet treats by the brand are specifically dedicated to cats that get anxious when left alone. Making things easier for both the owner and the cat, these treats calm the pet down completely, making them friendlier and more peaceful. 

These are made with the finest quality CBD to provide the best and the safest results. 2 of these crunchy treats at any time during the day are enough for cats of every size and age. 

7. Creating Better Days Wildlife Premium Bacon Cheese Chewies

Creating Better Days offers an exceptional level of personalization with dozens of flavor and strength choices. Thus, you only get what’s best for your pet. 

Being most pets’ favorite, the bacon cheese chews by the brand are among the top-selling pet products. With a remarkable taste, the bacon-cheese blend excites pets for the meal and keeps them hooked till the end. Thus, you do not have to worry about flavor-switching even if your pet is super picky about food. 

These CBD-infused chews are quite effective in relieving stress, anxiety, and body pain, including arthritis. They also reduce inflammation and conditions like epilepsy, seizures, and nausea. 10-15 minutes are all these treats need to show their magic.  

8.  Oliver’s Harvest CBD Peanut Butter Treats

Oliver’s Harvest has a range of safest pet products that have all been lab-tested for the highest quality standards. The reports of all these tests can be accessed online for detailed analysis and satisfaction. 

With an entirely organic formula, these chews provide effective results without any side effects. 2-3 of these can make your pet’s day happier, calmer, and more active. They also fight inflammation and improve overall health. 

Not to mention, the sweet peanut butter flavor will instantly become your pet’s favorite. Availability of the product in different strengths allows you to get the most desired one for your pet. 

9. Veritas Farms Full Spectrum Skin and Allergy Chews

Veritas Farms, the name itself, gives pure vibes and that’s exactly what you get from them – the most organic products. The brand sources its ingredients from local farms where its teams personally visit for inspection and quality standards. In a way, this also promotes local suppliers and helps them grow. 

The brand’s skin and allergy pet chews are a thoughtful innovation dedicated to a serious pet problem. If your pet is constantly bothered by allergies, it’s better not to risk trying any other product and jump to this one directly. These chews are infused with full-spectrum CBD oil and a powerful blend of chamomile and valerian root to ensure maximum calmness and relaxation while treating skin issues and allergies. The travel-friendly packaging allows you to carry these chews any time anywhere. 

10. Martha Stewart Soft-Baked Calm Dog Chews

Don’t force your poor pet into eating crunchies when they can have these soft-baked dog chews anytime anywhere. Martha Stewart is one of the most reliable CBD brands, serving and satisfying the users for a long time with a range of thoughtfully crafted products.

This pet treats by the brand combine the power of pure CBD and chamomile to maintain pets’ health while keeping them calm and relaxed. Available in different strengths, this product allows you to highly customize your pet’s exposure to CBD. Though it is always preferred to start with smaller potencies and gradually move on to greater ones. 

11. SURITYPRO Healthy Aging Soft Chews 

Aging can bring several issues to humans as well as animals. Since it is an uncontrollable natural phenomenon, the only thing you can do to keep its adversities at bay is strictly observing its symptoms and timely address them. This is made easy for pets by SurityPro healthy aging chews. 

Composed of the highest quality ingredients, including organic CBD extract, lutein, green-lipped mussel, and zeaxanthin, these chews are a safe way of maintaining overall health and wellbeing. The smoky bacon flavor comes as an added advantage that automatically attracts your dog to these treats. 

This works wonders against joint and mobility issues which is the main hindrance in your pet’s physical performance with age. Plus, their anti-stress and anti-anxiety properties further help to boost mental and physical performance. 

12. King Kalm Honey Oats Crunch

King Kalm has presented a healthy yet innovative solution with completely different base ingredients than most others – honey and oats. This amazing combo is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that improve strength and endurance to keep your pet active throughout the day. Produced in a meticulously temperature-controlled unit, these treats retain the nutritional value of their ingredients to maximize your pet’s wellbeing. Their synergy grants amazing antioxidant properties to these chews that keep inflammation and its related conditions far away from your pet.

13. Blue Moon Hemp Salmon And Sweet Potato Dog Treats

With these Salmon and Sweet Potato dog treats, Blue Moon Hemp has created significant value for all pet owners. This product allows you to not only calm your pet and relieve its stress but also treat skin and sleep issues. 

Made with USA-grown hemp extract, salmon oil, and sweet potato, these treats are all your dog needs for a happy and healthy life. Salmon is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids which is the primary component of good skin and shiny coats. Whereas, CBD effectively takes stress and anxiety away. Together they promote joint health and fight inflammation. Moreover, being rich in vitamins and minerals, these treats also improve digestive and immune systems.

14. Kangaroo CBD Dog Treats BBQ Kabob

Kangaroo BBQ Kabob dog treat is the easiest way to your dog’s heart. Flavored with natural ingredients these treats taste like real kabob that instantly become dogs’ favorite no matter what age or breed. 

Infused with organic CBD, 2-3 of these treats are enough to keep your furry friend calm and relaxed throughout the day. They also have a significant impact on mood and inflammation. These can be made a part of your dog’s daily routine or kept for occasional use – only when needed. When given before bedtime, it improves sleep quality. 

15. Life Pack Organics Cheese Flavored Chews

If taking your pet to the vet has become a nightmare, give your pet an instant CBD dose and clear away all the trauma at once. These CBD treats by Life Pack Organics are literally a life-saver. They work within minutes like a thunderbolt, destroying every factor that stresses your pet out. The best part is that the effects last a long time.  

Consisting of all-natural ingredients, these treats are rich in antioxidants that help relieve inflammation, joint pain, including arthritis, and mobility issues.   

16. Penelope’s Bloom Stress + Anxiety Treats 

Let your furry friend bloom to its fullest with Penelope’s Bloom CBD pet treats. These treats are formulated to keep your pet calm even in the worst situations, like thunderstorms and fireworks. You can add these to their daily routines or use them only when needed. When given in the morning, 2 of these can effectively keep your pet calm and happy throughout the day. While a night dose can improve sleep quality.  

17. CBDFX Stress and Anxiety Treats

Packed with essential nutrients – vitamins, minerals, and fats – these pet treats by CBDfx are an excellent stress reliever that improves overall health alongside. Within 30 minutes, these treats can calm your pet down completely, ensuring a light mood and becoming behavior. These properties are primarily attributed to the organic composition of the product which includes pure CBD extract, GABA, L-Tryptophan, chamomile extract, valerian root, and passionflower. All of these are highly effective in calming the mind and body.  

18. TropiCBD Pumpkin Dog Treats

With a mouth-watering pumpkin flavor, these heart-shaped biscuits by TropiCBD are surely going to be your pet’s most favorite treat. It serves as an enjoyable way to a healthy and happy life. 

The product features a completely organic and safe composition that is free of artificial color or flavor and THC. Apart from CBD, it is loaded with fiber and molasses that offer a plethora of essential nutrients which improve digestion, immunity, and several other processes in the body for better overall health. 

19. Pinnacle Hemp Full Spectrum Dog Treats

Arthritis pain can be quite severe in pets. The pain hinders their mental and physical performance, leaving them exhausted and drained. Taking charge of the situation, Pinnacle Hemp has offered the most effective pain relief formula that works in minutes and leaves a lasting effect. It also helps to relieve stress, anxiety, and inflammation while boosting mood and sleep quality.  

20. Holy Leaf Dog Treats

Holy Leaf offers the perfect blend of natural ingredients maximizing the power of each one of them to offer the best results. Its pet treat offers unbeatable calmness and relaxation to maintain healthy and active pet life. It reduces the chances of inflammation and improves sleep quality. 2-3 of these are all your pet needs for the perfect time of its life. Their timings can be decided as per your pet’s need. Adding these to the morning routine can improve your pet’s mental and physical performance throughout the day while taking these at night offers the perfect sleep. 


The market is filled with a ton of products but finding the best one needs time and effort. To save you some of that, this list of the top 20 CBD pet treats was compiled. Even when choosing one from this list, make sure you determine your pet’s requirements first. Be its flavor, strength, or container size, the market has a lot of variants. Some brands have also come up with effective innovations to improve your pet’s CBD experience. 

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