30 Best CBD Pain Creams to Try in 2021

Cannabidiol (CBD) products are well known for their pain relief properties, be it in the form of ointments and creams or oil. CBD pain relief creams are becoming increasingly popular among the masses because of their quick healing property. 

As there are a number of brands available in the market, it might become a little difficult to find the best CBD cream for your use. So here we have compiled a list of the 30 best CBD creams for you after thorough research and testing.

1.    Nightingale Remedies – CBD Topical Relief Cream

Nightingale remedies are well known for its fast-acting CBD products and this pain relief cream is no exception. CBD combined with an assortment of powerful analgesics, results in an almost miraculously fast-acting pain relief formula. 

The recommended dosage of this product is 4-5 pumps of cream. This CBD relief cream comes in a packaging of 250mg and one of the best and distinguishing features is the easy-to-use pumping bottle. With so many amazing features at so little cost, this product surely tops our list of best CBD pain relief creams. 

2.    CBDMedic Arthritis Aches & Pain Relief Cream

For a lot of people, arthritis pain becomes a big hurdle in life that does not only slow them down but also hurts a lot. This CBD topical pain relief cream by CBDMedic is a game-changer for such people. This mixture of organic hemp combined with the finest botanical ingredients and active ingredients such as 10% camphol and 15% menthol provide instant relief from pain. 

The best thing about CBDMedic products is that they are third-party tested to ensure that the customers get nothing but the best.

3.    JustCBD Infused Pain Cream

JustCBD has been one of the leading CBD brands for a long time now primarily because of their exceptional CBD products. The brand has also been featured in various well-known publications, like My New Orleans, ML Scotts Dale, and ML Dallas Magazine.

The CBD Topical infused pain cream is another one of their top-selling products that promise quick pain relief along with a feeling of relaxation and mental peace. 

The product comes in two different packages of 100mg and 250mg, both contain 99.9% pure CBD. The cream is fragrance-free which makes it ideal for those who want to use it during work without attracting any extra attention. The spray bottle makes it easy to use and carry. Overall, this is one of the finest CBD relief creams out there in the market.

4.    SOCIAL CBD – CBD Topical – Muscle Rub

Being a top CBD provider in the market, Social CBD has always made sure that its customers get nothing but the best. This CBD relief cream is no exception as it comes packed with Aloe, Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil, Menthol, and a lot more organic ingredients combined with pure CBD to ensure quick and long-lasting pain relief. 

Not only does it take the pain away, but it also helps heal sore muscles while leaving an icy feeling on the skin along with a long-lasting soothing effect.

5.    CBDMD Recover Inflammation Cream

This Broad-spectrum CBD relief cream by CBDMD stands out due to its organic content which includes arnica, vitamin B6, and MSM among others. This lab-tested product is one of the best pain relief providers according to customer reviews. 

Each ingredient has a specific purpose like arnica is for white-cell stimulation, vitamin B6 is to repair inflammatory damage. It comes in variants of 150mg/oz and 375mg/oz, both containing pure USA-based hemp.

6.    Green Eagle Broad Spectrum Muscle Relief Roll-On

The Green Eagle Muscle Relief Roll-On is one of the top-selling CBD products. What makes it special is the easy-to-use roll-on packaging. The ingredients include hemp-derived cannabinoids, arnica, camphor, and menthol. It comes in two different CBD strengths; Extra Strength 500mg and Maximum Strength 1000mg, for people having different needs. The recommended usage is to apply the roll-on on the affected part till it is completely absorbed. The relief effect is accompanied by a cooling suggestion, which helps in relaxing the muscles.

7.    AVID HEMP CBD Topical Relief Balm

This relief balm by Avid Hemp is a life changer for people who frequently face body pain and muscle sore problems. This full-spectrum CBD formula guarantees rapid pain relief with fast absorption. The unique organic formula ensures that the healing is natural and quick.

The essential oils in the balm help keep the skin moisturized and healthy while the CBD works on healing the pain. This is the perfect product for people looking for something to help them with frequent body aches.

8.    Erth Essential Oil Pain Stick Salve

ERTH is well known for its organic and well-performing CBD products. This essential oil pain stick salve is one of their top-selling products. This powerful pain-relieving product contains Coconut Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Arnica, Vitamin E, Hemp-Derived CBD, and other Essential Oils along with full-spectrum CBD to provide rapid and long-lasting pain relief. 

If you have problems sleeping at night or sore muscles and body aches, this is the right product for you.

9.    Hemp Bombs – CBD Topical – Pain Freeze

This premium CBD product by Hemp Bombs is a market leader because of its rapid relief action. Pain freeze is designed to soothe and relax your muscles while working on relieving your body pain. It also helps clear your head so that you can focus better. The CBD content per bottle is 100mg and is ideal for people who are new to CBD as well as CBD veterans.

10. KOI CBD Pain Relieving Roll-On Gel

This topical CBD pain relieving roll-on gel by KOI CBD is infused with 19 essential oils that help your muscles relax while keeping your skin healthy and moisturized. The no-mess roll-on applicator makes it easy to use and carry, the full spectrum CBD provides relief and the organic ingredients help fight arthritis, strains, bruises, and sprains.

The recommended usage is 3-4 times a day with gentle application on the affected area. 

11. Petal Muscle & Joint Pain Relief Cream

Petal, as a CBD brand, needs no formal introduction. The muscle and joint pain relief cream is one of their premium products. It is well known for its rapid relief and sweet mint scent. Along with that, this CBD cream makes your skin smooth and helps fight dry skin issues.

This top-selling product is 100% vegan and contains CBD isolate, organic aloe life juice, organic coconut oil, organic arnica flower extract, cinnamon leaf oil, black pepper oil, and many other natural ingredients.

12. Soulspring – CBD Topical – Soothing Muscle Rub Cream

Soulspring is a go-to brand for most CBD users and their top-selling product, CBD Soothing Muscle Rub Cream, is one of the highest-rated products. The product lives up to its motto “Relieve + Rescue = Empower” and provides exceptionally fast pain relief. The organic ingredients ensure that skin stays healthy and moisturized while the CBD provides muscle relaxation.

13. Be Well Dexter CBD TopicalRelief Cream

The CBD topical relief cream by Be Well Dexter is made from pure avocado oil. This mineral-rich product also contains vitamins A, D, and E, lecithin, and potassium. The cream provides an instant cooling sensation that helps give a long-lasting relaxation experience. Being made from natural ingredients, the cream also leaves a pleasant smell on the body and is gentle on the skin.

14. Neurogan, Inc. Full Spectrum Cooling Rub Peppermint

Neurogan’s CBD Full Spectrum Cooling Rub is a thick paste that helps restore dehydrated skin and provides relief from muscle pain and body aches. This lab-tested product is suitable for all skin types and provides an instant relaxing effect. The best feature of this cream is that it is made using natural products and contains full spectrum CBD that provides maximum pain relief in the least possible time.

15. Veritas Farms Full Spectrum Sports Cream

Veritas Farms is well known for its long-lasting premium grade products, and this full spectrum sports cream is no exception. Formulated by compound pharmacists, this product is specifically designed to provide maximum absorption and long-lasting relief. Thanks to 600mg of Full-spectrum hemp, this cream can get you running in no time. 

16. CBD Living – CBD Topical – Living Travel Freeze

CBD Living Travel Freeze is a gel infused with 100mg of broad-spectrum CBD that provides instant pain relief and can be applied easily to affected muscle areas. The gel absorbs rapidly through the skin because of its nano-technology that provides rapid diffusion. If you are an athlete or a gym freak, this is the perfect product for you as it will help you get rid of muscle soreness and body aches.

17. Green Roads Muscle & Joint Relief Cream

CBD topical muscle and joint relief cream are one of the highest-rated products because of their healing nature combined with the fact that their effect lasts longer than most other relief creams. Each bottle contains 150mg of CBD along with menthol, chamomile extract, and lavender oil to provide instant relief and leave a pleasant aroma. The product is lab-tested and proven to provide long-lasting relief.

18. Phoenix Natural Wellness – CBD Topical Pain Cream

The CBD Topical pain cream by Phoenix Natural Wellness comes in a state-of-the-art 2 fl. oz packaging, that is available in two different strengths; 500mg and 1000mg. This relief-providing cream contains full spectrum CBD for maximum results along with Aloe Vera, Emulsifying wax NF, unrefined cocoa butter, unrefined coconut oil, olive oil, and other organic ingredients.

One of the best things about this cream is that the hemp used to make this cream is non-GMO and organic meaning it contains no heavy metals or insecticides

19. CBDistillery Broad Spectrum Relief Stick

CBD relief on a stick. Sounds cool right? Well, CBDistillery has done that for you. This revolutionary stick makes using CBD as a relief cream even easier. It contains full spectrum CBD along with menthol, which helps provide a lasting cooling sensation. The full spectrum CBD provides rapid relief and the stick packaging makes it easy to carry around and use.

20. 7 Point Naturals – CBD Topical – Roll-On Pain Gel

If you are looking for an organic and harmless solution to your body ache and muscle strains, then this CBD roll-on gel by 7 Point Naturals is the product for you. It uses full spectrum CBD that is extracted from the hemp plant via supercritical CO2 extraction to make sure that the customers receive nothing but the best. This roll-on gel not only provides pain relief but also helps improve focus and clears up one’s head.

21. Heritage Hemp – CBD Topical – Muscle Salve Stick

Formulated by a team of scientists, this muscle salve by Heritage Hemp is a 100% natural product that makes sure you don’t sleep with an aching back. This muscle salve contains essential oils that help keep the skin healthy and moisturized. It is easy to carry and the product has a long lifetime, making it an ideal product for daily day use.

22. Oliver’s Harvest CBD Topical Capsaicin Pain Cream

This pain relief cream by Oliver’s Harvest CBD is one of the highest-rated products and is known widely for its deep action and long-lasting effect. The core ingredients of this product are capsaicin and cannabidiol (CBD). Capsaicin is proven to reduce pain intensity, making it an ideal part of a pain relief cream. It also helps protect nerves from being damaged. This product is 100% gluten-free, so you can use it without worrying about this.

23. Avida CBD Topical Relief Balm

Pain Relief Balm by Avida CBD is a premium class full-spectrum CBD product designed to help you with your daily body aches, muscle strains, and pulls. The relief balm combines the goodness of essential oils that keep the skin hydrated with organic minerals that keep it healthy while CBD works on providing long-lasting pain relief. Highly recommended for anyone looking to use a CBD relief cream.

24. Canna Comforts Menthol Pain Cream

Menthol Pain Cream by Canna Comforts is a part of almost every top CBD pain relief cream list, and rightly so. The product provides instant pain relief and menthol provides a long-lasting cooling sensation. To top that, it contains Terpenes that help you relax your mind and improves your focus. 

Each jar contains 250mg of CBD, so this makes it perfect for new users and people who do not want products with high CBD concentration.

25. Dope CBD Broad Spectrum Targeted Relief Roll-On

If you are one of those who work out a lot and face frequent body aches, then CBD Broad Spectrum Targeted Relief Roll-on is the right product for you. Be it the pre-workout muscle pull or post-workout body pain, this roll-on ensures that the pain vanishes almost immediately while also providing a pleasant smell. Its rapid absorb technology results in quick action and immediate pain relief. Each roll-on bottle contains 150mg of CBD, making it the ideal product for beginners.

26. Eco Sciences Ecoderm Pain Cream

Ecoderm Pain Cream by Eco Sciences can catch anyone’s attention due to its attractive packaging. This cream has been released in collaboration with Frank “The Big Hurt” Thomas and comes with the promise of providing instant relief to almost all types of body aches. It uses full-spectrum CBD oil derived from non-GMO hemp plants. Eco Sciences’ EcoDerm Pain Cream contains 300mg CBD per bottle. The bottle has an easy-to-use pump, which makes it ideal for daily use. The recommended usage per day is less than 4 times.

27. Life Pack Organics Relief Roll-On Gel

Life Pack Organics is well known for providing top-class, lab-tested CBD products. The pain relief roll-on gel is one of their top-rated products that come in handy packing for convenient day-to-day usage. It helps relieve arthritis, body ache, muscle pull, and sore muscles as well as other types of body pain. This menthol-infused product provides a cooling and relaxing sensation and leaves a pleasant smell. 

28. Pachamama – CBD Topical – Icy Muscle Gel

Icy muscle gel by Pachamama comes in a roll-on packaging and contains 500mg of THC-free, broad-spectrum CBD extract and a plethora of healing Chinese herbs. It provides long-lasting and rapid relief and helps you go through your daily life chores without having to face the trouble of body pain. Along with that, it is ideal to use this gel before sleeping as it helps you sleep better, improves focus, and clears your mind up.

29. Blue Label CBD Roll On Pain Relieving 

CBD roll-on pain-relieving gel by Blue Label CBD is a great product for anyone who’s not fond of consuming CBD. It provides mental as well as physical relief. The relief action is fast but is not immediate. Each bottle contains 500mg of CBD along with other highly beneficial ingredients.

The usage is recommended after a workout, before sleeping, or/and in case of anybody ache. It leaves a cooling sensation on the skin, providing a refreshing feel.

30. AMOURCBD Pain Relieving Cream

Pain-relieving cream by AmourCBD is designed specifically to help you get rid of body pain and irritations. This absorbent, fast-acting, odor-free cream provides instant relief. It contains 200mg of CBD along with Aloe Vera avocado oil, evening primrose oil, and mineral oil, making it a healthy choice. The recommended usage is after every 6 to 8 hours, keeping the application within limits. 

Wrap Up

This was a list of some of the top CBD pain relief creams as rated and reviewed by users and critics. Each brand is a top brand on its own and has a well-established consumer base. If you are looking for the right CBD relief cream for yourself, go through this list and choose the product that best suits your needs.

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